Bias conscious & subconscious mind

It’s enough to say the South African people should go about buying the land. But to look at a people and not a group but people as wicked for trying to first come to reasonable grounds for the land back and gets rejected but now since the people say we not asking no more we will get it one way or another they are racist, radical, murders, and all of the above but what about your ancestors who obtained all the worlds powers threw even more cruel a brutal treatments and even with u knowing what they did when spoke about reparations you say it wasn’t you or your mother or father that did it so u shouldn’t have too pay but what about so! Many others. Who got reparations except the Nubians or Nubian offspring so like I said it’s time for a United Nubian nation and it shouldn’t matter how terms get met Trump does what he want He bombed so many Islamic people without care and so has so many other offsprings of Europeans. They problem is u are BIAS.

Generational Unity

I’m speaking on UNITY for us and the ones behinds us for they are the ones we rely on. To be completely honest, Black America is biggest challenge we has as to Unify because of Generational self hate. Black America are suppose to be the chosen people to uprise and fix the worlds problem HATE!

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